what we do: our services

Our freelancers deliver native translations, bilingual content, lean localization services and university-level English training to strengthen your global business.

Translation services

Translation & text

Our translators and writers are freelance professionals with years of experience working in Germany. They are fully bilingual or have mastered multiple languages at the C2 level. It’s not easy to find that level of multilingual immersion elsewhere in the…

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Localization services

Localization & CAT

Localization is the art of transporting language from one culture to another. It’s also a science with powerful tools to boost efficiency in large translation projects. We can set up a lean framework to localize your content for the world’s…

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Business English training

Business English courses

There is no better way to master a language than by direct contact with genuine native speakers. Through our network of freelance trainers and university lecturers, we offer English courses designed to serve your needs at any level of proficiency.

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Who we are: our people

GermanBureau is your freelance network of language specialists. We come from a variety of English-speaking backgrounds and live as expats in Germany. Each of us brings a unique set of skills to the table.

Genuine native speakers

Our people: professional native speakers

GermanBureau is your network of independent language professionals. All of us are English native speakers with bilingual skills in English and German. As freelancers we offer native text, translation and localization as well as English courses for business and higher education.

Freelancer Alex Bakst launched GermanBureau in 2010 from his office in Berlin, Germany. The company was originally set up as a journalistic enterprise, delivering on-the-ground reporting from Germany for American readers and listeners. But over the years our professional network of freelance native speakers has grown to include translators, English lecturers and language professionals from a variety of other fields.

We fully acknowledged these developments in 2014 when GermanBureau.com got a makeover to reflect our new mission as a language service provider. Today we deliver professional translation services and polished bilingual content for private companies and public institutions. As experienced university lecturers, we can also strengthen your global business with in-house English courses and project-specific language workshops for individuals or groups at any level of proficiency.

Simply get in touch with us to discuss how we can put our language skills to work for you!


What we've done: our portfolio

  • University of Cooperative Education – Dresden – Glauchau – Bautzen

    Daniel Simmons, Alexander Bakst: Dozent für Business-Englisch in diversen Lehrgängen der Staatlichen Studienakademien Sachsen u. a. in Dresden, Glauchau und Bautzen. Vermittlung von fachspezifischem Vokabular, grammatischen Grundlagen und einschlägigen Branchenkenntnissen in Vorlesungen und Projektarbeit durch eigenständig erarbeitete Lehrinhalte.

    Berufsakademie Sachsen
  • Deutsche Telekom AG – Berlin / T-Systems GmbH – Berlin – Chemnitz

    Alexander Bakst: Internes Training für IT-Experten im Bereich Anforderungsmanagement, bei dem praxisorientierte Einzel- und Gruppenkurse an eine redaktionelle Mitwirkung in der englischsprachigen Dokumentation gekoppelt sind.

    Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems)
  • Xenon Automatisierungstechnik GmbH – www.xenon-automation.com

    Daniel SImmons, Alexander Bakst: Leitung firmeninterner Sprachkurse für Mitarbeiter aus den Bereichen Dokumentation, Service, Technik und Management.

    Alexander Bakst: Zusätzliche Beauftragung zur Lokalisierung technischer Dokumente ins US-Englische und zur Übersetzung von Web- bzw. Marketinginhalten.

    Xenon Automation