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Enjoy fair and transparent freelance rates. We offer flexible models to hire independent language experts from our network.

A Fair Price for Talent

Our freelance rates reflect the value of our work in a competitive market. We aim to be flexible, transparent, and professional in all our pricing models.

Flexible: We’re open to a range of fee models to suit your needs, from euros per word to hourly rates or a lump sum.

Transparent: We’re upfront about our prices. We want to give you all the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Professional: Expect high standards in everything we do. Proposals and invoicing are GoBD-compliant and aligned with your inhouse accounting workflows.

The price calculator below is a good place to start. Check out the detail pages of our services to explore our teaching fees, editorial rates, and media pricing in more detail.

We want you to make informed purchasing decisions.

Flexible, transparent pricing makes it possible.

Price Calculator

Use this form to estimate the cost of your project before you request a formal price quote.

The price calculator generates non-binding offers. Fill out the fields in order of appearance. Additional fields will appear as you go. Grand totals are shown at the bottom. Once you’re satisfied with an estimate, you can submit the form for review. Our formal quote may differ from your online estimate, but that’s usually to your advantage. Make sure to contact us for the best offer!

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