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Get professional language courses and university lectures tailored to the needs of your learners. We teach English and German as a foreign language.


Think global: Give your people professional training to succeed in the English-speaking world.

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Act local: Upgrade the language and culture skills of your international teams in Germany.

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Study smart: Get the most out of your university modules with a modern English curriculum.

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Language Courses for the Real World

The best way to master a language is through direct contact with native speakers. But not just anyone will do: You want experienced professionals who speak the language of your industry. Our language courses offer a modern, hands-on experience at all levels.

Experienced: Enrich your organization with professional language training in English and German. Our freelance network is your direct line to reliable partners in education.

Modern: With years of experience tailoring our methods to organizations like yours, we’re eager to find a modern solution that achieves your learning goals.

Hands-on: From in-house business training to higher education, you need skilled educators who can deliver on the promise of real-world learning.

Scroll through this page to find out how your people can learn English for business, study German as a foreign language, or hire a professional lecturer in higher education. You’ll find an overview of our teaching fees at the end.

You need skilled educators who can deliver on the promise of real-world learning.

Our native speakers know the language of your industry.

English for Business

Improve your team’s English skills and gain valuable language certificates from the comfort of your own office. At home or at work, online or on-site: Our language courses bring the learning experience directly to your employees where they need it most.

English skills are a basic requirement for success in today’s world. As your business expands into the global economy, our network of professional native speakers is your competitive advantage. Now you can draw on decades of teaching experience in a variety of fields to improve your staff’s confidence in English as a foreign language.

Companies with internationally active employees will benefit from targeted business workshops and immersive language courses. Your people can work with us toward project-specific goals or improve their general level of English speaking and writing abilities.

Our teaching methods go well beyond the textbooks thanks to native speakers with years of experience, not just in teaching but also in the world of business today. By focusing on two core languages, we’re able to deliver authentic content for an immersive learning experience.

Besides the basics of vocabulary and grammar, participants in our language courses will learn to:

  • Give effective presentations
  • Write engaging digital content
  • Navigate social media professionally
  • Hone communication skills on platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Slack, or Discord
  • Handle intercultural business meetings
  • Have fun with a foreign language

Estimate the Cost of Your Business English Course

Head over to our price calculator to estimate your costs. If you like what you see, you can contact us for a formal offer. We’ll put together a full course proposal after an initial consultation with your team.

German for Business

Want to offer your international employees a chance to improve their German skills? Our on-site and online business language courses are available for Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF), too.

Hire from the GermanBureau network and give your non-German staff the opportunity to brush up on their language skills. They’ll be learning from German native speakers with professional expertise in the field.

Discover Our German Courses

To learn more about our German course offerings, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

English for Higher Education

As a faculty leader, now you can recruit experienced lecturers to develop a complete business English curriculum that’s closely aligned with your academic program. Students get a modern, hands-on learning experience at their university, vocational school, or other institution of higher learning.

In addition to our professional language courses, GermanBureau offers academic modules in specialized fields of English as a foreign language. We deliver up-to-date content tailored to key industries such as automotive, banking, or public administration.

At present, our linguistic expertise covers the following industries:

  • Automotive engineering and management
  • Automation technology and industrial engineering
  • Business administration, banking, and taxes
  • Data science and digital business management
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy and environmental technology
  • Public administration and political science
  • Real estate and property management

Based on your needs, we’ll put you in touch with one or more suitable candidates for a given course of study. Your institution can take our lecturers directly under freelance contract because GermanBureau is not an intermediary: We’re your direct line to a network of independent educators.

Please note that we do not currently offer German courses at the university level.

Find Your Next Business English Lecturer

Contact us now to discover how your students can benefit from an innovative curriculum with English native speakers.

Teaching Fees

Give your people a modern learning experience at the intersection of business and academia. We offer all-inclusive rates for your organization.

Freelance Rates for Teachers

Enjoy total price certainty with no hidden costs. Extra services like on-site assessments or course certificates are clearly documented at the outset.

When we quote you a price, it covers the full scope of services. We can tailor the course curriculum to meet your learning goals and exceed your expectations. You control who runs your language courses by taking our educators directly under freelance contract.

Expand the headings on the right to learn more about how we calculate our teaching fees.

Teaching Fee

Putting a Price on Human Talent

The fee is our basic freelance rate, or the cost of an educator’s effort per unit of work. Think of it as our most basic product: human talent. Different services have different base rates to reflect the expertise, time, and resources we bring into your project.

In the world of teaching, we measure our rates in euros per unit. That’s typically 45 minutes of lesson time, although you can scale the unit to any amount of time.

If these conventions don’t appeal to you, we’re open to alternative billing models. Simply reach out to us to discuss the details.

Lesson Units

Pay for Lessons, Get the Full Package

The scope of a teaching project is the number of lesson units (LU) used for invoicing. It covers lesson prep, teaching, notes, and everything in between.

You may also want to book additional services such as on-site assessments or accredited certificates. Any extra costs are detailed in our proposal. Expand the “Extra Services” section below to learn more.

What Are My Options?

Different formats have different requirements. You might decide to run a weekly 90-minute course for six months (48 LU). Or perhaps you’re looking for a one-day seminar on a particular subject (8 LU). For university programs, the scope follows your module workload, which may range from as low as 30 LU all the way up to 120 LU.

We work closely with our clients to find the ideal scope for their educational projects. Tell us your goals and we can recommend the most effective program for your learners. Of course, the final decision is all yours.


What’s in the Standard Package?

Our freelance rates cover the cost of a complete learning experience, including:

  • In-house and/or online teaching
  • Complete course curriculum
  • Lesson preparation
  • Lesson notes
  • Access to relevant course material

Third-Party Products on Demand

Some services exceed the scope of our basic fee, either because they rely on third-party products or because they require an investment from us. As part of a broader package, we offer add-on services at attractive rates:

  • On-site assessment tests for first-time participants
  • Formally graded examinations or project work
  • Language certificates such as TOEIC or WiDaF
  • Long-distance travel

Contact us anytime to discuss the details of your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tax Benefits

Your Deliverable: Educational Talent

When you hire GermanBureau to serve your learning goals, you’re choosing to work directly with one or more freelance educators. The contract is between you and them.

Lessons take place in-house, online, or both depending on your needs. The freelancers in our network are committed to contractual guidelines that follow industry standards. We offer favorable terms and conditions for canceled lessons and other policies.

Billing usually follows a monthly cycle for services rendered. We can also agree to settle the balance after a course is finished. In general, we’re open to a range of payment options to suit your needs.

German Taxes

As a Berlin-based company, our services are subject to value-added tax (VAT) under German and European law. The same applies to any freelancers located in Germany. The standard tax rate here is generally 19%.

In the educational field, certain offerings may be tax-exempt depending on the nature of your institution. Please consult a tax advisor to find out if your project qualifies, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The European VAT ID number for GermanBureau is DE277695519.

More About Us

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Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact us. The chat button in the corner of this website is a good way to reach us. A real human will respond as soon as someone is free. Thanks!