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GermanBureau is a network of independent language professionals in business and higher education. Hire us on demand to add bilingual translators and educators to your project.

Professional Results

Hire freelancers who work to high professional standards in the English–German language pair. You will benefit from innovative services, low overhead, and top-notch deliverables tailored to your projects.

Genuine Native Speakers

Collaborate with a network of language experts from all walks of life. Our team includes English, German, and bilingual native speakers. As a group of polyglots, we bridge the gap between language and culture for you.

Competitive Rates

Profit from fair pricing models for all your educational and editorial needs. We are a network, not an intermediary. That means you can cut out the middlemen by taking freelance professionals directly under contract.

Modern Language Skills

Get insights into how we use digital tools in your project. Technological transformation is changing everything, from the way we speak and write to how we teach or translate. Join us in embracing this progress responsibly!

Enjoy simple freelance rates without sacrificing flexibility or transparency. Our billing practices follow well-established norms in our respective industries.

Use our price calculator to get an estimate for your project. If you like what you see, contact us for a formal offer. You can review your total costs before you commit.

Commission your translation, editing, and content creation work at fixed rates per word. The fee (base rate) depends on the services you've chosen, such as SMART or PRO translation.

NET Price = scope × fee × difficulty

See Freelance Rates for details or tap below to learn more:

Scope means the total word count excluding repetitions and translation memory. These are the billable words we use to budget our work for you. This number is often lower than the raw word count of your submitted documents — and thanks to translation memory, it gets better the longer you work with us.

The fee is our base rate for your chosen service. GermanBureau offers pricing guidelines, but in the end our freelancers set their own rates. The fee depends on their expertise and language proficiency, a measure of the value they bring into your project.

Specialized terminology requires additional research to translate accurately. The difficulty factor is a modest price multiplier to account for any labor-intensive language in your text.

The tax rate in Germany is typically 19%. Certain projects by journalists, artists, and other publishers may benefit from a discounted VAT of only 7%. To learn if your project qualifies, please consult a tax advisor and contact us directly.

Here are three examples of our prices for different levels of quality control in translation (shown here in euros net per 100 words):

5 €

100 words
DeepL Pro
+ Editing

10 €

100 words
+ Editing

15 €

100 words
+ Content

Get all-inclusive language courses at a set hourly rate. Freely customize your course offerings with on-site lessons, online seminars, digital media, and more.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

We offer competitive rates for corporate seminars and university programs. Our teaching fees depend on the seniority of the educator and the scope of your project.

Here are three examples for different fields of education (shown in euros net). Actual prices may vary; contact us to find a package that fits your needs! Starting at:

35 €

45 min.
EFL Teacher

40 €

45 min.
Business Coach
Group of 5
on site

45 €

45 min.
Class of 20
On campus

Alexander Bakst, a bilingual editor and educator in the freelance network at GermanBureau.com

Alexander Bakst

Bilingual Editor & Educator

Alex is a former journalist turned bilingual editor and educator. He founded GermanBureau in 2010 and lives in Berlin as a US expat for life.

Heather Bakst, a business English coach in the freelance network at GermanBureau.com

Heather Bakst

Business English Coach

Heather delivers corporate seminars and university courses for learners of English as a foreign language. She transplanted from the US to Germany in 2008.

Daniel Simmons, a lecturer in business English in the freelance network at GermanBureau.com

Daniel Simmons

EFL Lecturer

Daniel is a veteran lecturer in business English with a rich background in commerce, industry, and academia. He lives in the Dresden area but maintains close ties to his UK homeland.

Nicholas Medland, an EFL teacher in the freelance network at GermanBureau.com

Nicholas Medland

English Teacher

Nick is a British émigré who, like so many of us here, has made a life for himself as an English teacher in Germany.

Fabian Lauterbach, a motion designer in the freelance network at GermanBureau.com

Fabian Lauterbach

Graphic Designer

Fabian was there when it all began to give GermanBureau its design and identity. He has had an active career since then.

Nina Simmons, an HR specialist in the freelance network at GermanBureau.com

Nina Simmons

HR Specialist

Nina is an accomplished HR professional at a global consulting firm who shares her expertise through lectures in higher ed.

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Business English module and translation work for the Digital Business University of Applied Sciences (DBUAS) in Berlin.
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Digital Business University of Applied Sciences
On-site English training and intensive courses for management at Siemens AG subsidiaries in the Berlin area.
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