What we do

Our freelancers deliver bilingual translations, original content and professional English courses for your global business.

AI translator

Fully automated machine translation with a professional human review.

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Human translator

All-human translation and full editorial review by our bilingual professionals.

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Human editor

Editorial review and proofreading for your existing text in English or German.

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Creative copy

Native-language copy-writing services optimized for online or print media.

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English for business

Boost your global standing with online or on-site English courses designed for your business, your people, your needs.

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English for students

University-level English courses, lectures, and seminars tailored to the requirements of your academic institution.

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Who we are

GermanBureau is your freelance network of English language professionals in Germany.

Our people: professional native speakers

GermanBureau is your network of independent language professionals. All of us are English native speakers with bilingual skills in English and German. We come together as freelancers to offer you bilingual translations, native-language editorial services, and English courses for business and higher education.