Services: Translate, Revise, Localize
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Craft Your Message in English & German

Hire professional native speakers to translate your English and German content to a high standard. A four-eyes revision is part of the deal.

Different translation models are available to suit your project. We also offer monolingual editing and proofreading as a service. Want to boost your global brand in local markets? Look no further than our localization services.


Find your voice: Translate both ways in English & German for consistent, accurate results.

Translate to English or German >>


Find the errors: Match your style and ensure professional standards before publishing.

Edit your existing content >>


Find your audience: Speak to your international customers in the language of their culture.

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Bridging the Gap between Languages and Cultures

Your global audience needs to hear your message, but not always in the same words. Finding the most effective expression for your ideas in a foreign language takes creativity, professionalism, and a deep understanding of language.

Some translations adhere closely to the original wording while others flow more freely — but either way, the hallmark of a good translation is that it doesn’t sound translated at all.

With the right approach to localization, your voice will stand out in English and German alike. At GermanBureau, we take the time to understand your goals and requirements. The result is localized content tailored to your audience and your business.

A good translation doesn’t sound translated.

We take the time to understand your message and localize it across cultures.

Translate with Confidence

Hire language professionals to deliver written content to a high standard in English and German.

Our freelance translators answer directly to you as they work to achieve accurate and consistent results. Entrust your English–German content to us and give your project the benefit of linguistic expertise, creative talent, and modern technology.

You Decide How We Translate Your Text

Different projects have different needs. That’s why we offer different approaches to translating your documents. Here are four examples, from the most affordable to the most comprehensive:

  • SMART: machine translator + human editor
  • TEAM: translator in a team or indie project
  • STANDARD: pro translator + proofreader
  • EXPERT: pro translator + bilingual editor

Scroll down to discover which of these methods suits your needs. You can also learn more about our editorial rates and use a price calculator to estimate your costs up front.


Estimate the cost of your project up front.


Ready-to-publish localized content
  • Pro translator
  • Native proofreading
  • Bilingual editing cycle
  • Publishing support
15 per 100 words


Pro translator plus proofreading
  • Pro translator
  • Native proofreading
  • Bilingual editing cycle
  • Publishing support
12 per 100 words


Translator in a team or indie project
  • Pro translator
  • Native proofreading
  • Bilingual editing cycle
  • Publishing support
8 per 100 words


Machine translator and human editor
  • DeepL API in memoQ
  • Native proofreading
  • Bilingual editing cycle
  • Publishing support
5 per 100 words


Machine Translator + Native Editor

Fast, affordable, convenient: There are times when all you need is a simple translation — quick and dirty!

This is a job for our SMART service, known as machine translation post editing in industry circles.

How It Works
  1. An advanced machine translator (DeepL) produces a draft translation of your source text.
  2. A human editor checks the results for accuracy and consistency based on your style requirements.

Machine translators today are smart, and the benefits are clear:

  • Skip the cost of a human translator and jump straight into editing.
  • Get good results for general-language content.

If your text is more specialized, we recommend a human translator. They ensure a high standard by catching terminology errors that a native editor might miss.


Human Translator + Native Editor

Authentic, accurate, consistent: This method offers a happy medium between quality and efficiency.

Our STANDARD service relies on human talent supported by professional software tools.

How It Works
  1. A human translator works with special software (memoQ) for consistent results in a natural voice.
  2. The translated text gets a four-eyes proofreading to ensure complete accuracy.

Our computer-assisted pro translators are especially good at:

  • Translating documents with recurring segments (repetitions). What’s a segment?
  • Researching specialized content in science, technology, commerce, and industry.
  • Understanding context, addressing your readers, and adding a human touch.


Human Translator + Bilingual Editor

Thorough, individual, exceptional: Don’t just translate your words. Let us craft your global message.

Our EXPERT service is your final destination for bilingual content to the highest standard.

How It Works
  1. Senior translators localize your message for a particular region and audience.
  2. A bilingual editor checks the translation against your requirements.
  3. A native editor proofreads the final text for complete accuracy.
  4. We support you in the publishing process to ensure that your content appears as intended.

This type of creative translation is often called localization or transcreation. Whatever you want to call it, you can count on our freelancers to deliver a text that needs no further editing.

Revise Your Work with Native Support

You have an existing text in English or German, and you’d like to make sure it’s ready to publish? We offer two types of editing service:

  • Basic proofreading by a native editor
  • Full editorial revision by a bilingual editor


Native Editor

In basic proofreading, a native editor checks for errors and inconsistencies in the target language.

Proofreading covers spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other details. This type of editing gives your text a professional polish, down to the last comma, so you can publish with confidence.

However, a monolingual editor can’t always catch terminology errors and meanings lost in translation. For a more thorough editing process, we recommend a full revision.


Bilingual Editor

In a full editorial revision, a bilingual editor checks your text against the source language to ensure accurate terminology.

On top of proofreading, a bilingual editor scrutinizes your message for clarity, consistency, and style — not just any style, but your style. In the process, we can help you develop editorial guidelines for the target language.

You can take the first step on your own: Head over to our price calculator now to get a non-binding estimate.

Localize for a Global Audience

For large organizations or sprawling projects, a localization framework helps to manage terminology across languages and cultures.

Our partner network includes talented business authors who work with our translators to adapt your content to local markets in the English- and German-speaking world. The freelancers at GermanBureau are experienced in these fields:

  • Websites and social media
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Business communication
  • Game industry

Let’s Get Creative in English or German

You know what you want to say, but you don’t have a text in any language yet? Not a problem! Hire a professional copy-writer from our network to craft your message from scratch. We can produce a variety of content in English or German based on your goals.

Contact us today to discuss how a localization framework can benefit your international marketing and documentation!

If you still have unanswered questions, these links might be useful:

  • Our going rates are detailed under Freelance Rates.
  • To learn more about GermanBureau and the people behind it, head over to our About page.

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