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Find Your Voice Worldwide

Hire native speakers to produce quality voiceovers in English and German. Enjoy a hassle-free production workflow in our fully equipped home studio.

Audio-visual content creates close emotional connections with your community. Expand your global reach by offering multilingual voiceovers and subtitles for your content — or talk to us about creating all-new content in English and German.


Amplify your voice: Leverage your content on a global scale with voiceovers in English and German.

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Capture the essence: Subtitles and closed captions are an easy way to connect with global viewers.

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Unify your content: Recruit multilingual narrators and on-screen talent for your audio-visual projects.

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A Global Voice for Your Brand

Audio-visual platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram form the backbone of today’s media industry. In this environment, your corporate brand stands out with engaging video content. Whether you are marketing to a global audience or providing training videos to international teams, a strong media presence is a must-have today.

Your brand is already active across all channels at home — so why not bring that content to audiences worldwide? Localization is the name of the game. When done right, it transports the entire audio-visual experience into another language and culture.

At GermanBureau, we do it right.

You can work with us to find the right talent for your project and start connecting with international communities. In English, we offer male and female voices with dialects ranging from American to British and everything in between. And in German, you can choose from a similarly diverse pool of talent.

When done right, localization transports the entire experience into another language.

At GermanBureau, we do it right.

Localize Your Media, Expand Your Reach

Voiceovers, subtitles, and on-screen talent: GermanBureau offers cost-effective solutions to localize your media for international viewers.

Audio-visual content creates close connections with your community. Now you can easily expand your outreach with support from the professional native speakers at GermanBureau. Work with us to develop high-quality voiceovers, synchronized subtitles, and authentic narration for local target groups.

Scroll down for details. You can also learn more about our editorial rates and use a price calculator to estimate your costs up front.


Are you looking for a female speaker of British English to narrate your company’s latest image film? Perhaps you want a male speaker of American English to voice over a series of staff training videos? Whatever the need, you can contact us to see if we have the voice for you.

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Subtitles and Closed Captioning

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