University-level English courses, lectures, and seminars tailored to the requirements of your academic institution.

The academic approach: For vocational programs and English language studies at the university level, hire qualified lecturers to deliver customized learning experiences to the students at your institution. We offer complete English courses for a simple hourly fee that covers everything from planning and scheduling to the syllabus, course materials, and delivery in formats such as lectures, seminars, or workshops.


Our regular fee starts at 25 EUR per 45-minute lesson unit. This price is all-inclusive: There are no hidden costs for additional services that might arise in direct connection with course planning, execution, and assessment.

Please note that this does not cover the design, grading, or supervision of formal examinations. These services are billed separately at a low fixed rate per exam. For on-site appointments, travel costs may be reimbursed directly or factored into our price quote as needed.

Generally speaking, our fees are negotiable depending on the size of your class, the intensity of the schedule, or the amount of subject-specific expertise required in comparison to an off-the-shelf general English course. Regional differences may also affect our pricing, in particular where state laws and tariff agreements mandate a given fee schedule.

Request a formal offer from us

We can build on an existing curriculum or help you introduce a whole new course — in some cases starting as low as 1,000 EUR for 40 lessons per semester.

Once we have understood your requirements, we can submit a formal proposal with a course outline and a list of factors informing our quoted price. We strive to accommodate your needs and work closely with you to balance the depth and scope of our program against your institutional budget and other requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail!