Fully automated machine translation with a professional human review.

The easy model: For quick jobs and tight budgets, hire a professional editor to review a machine-translated version of your documents. We use DeepL to get a baseline translation, then an experienced human editor thoroughly reviews the resulting text to match your requirements.


Our regular fee is at most 5 EUR for 100 words of translatable text in the source documents (0.05 EUR/word). Not only is this an incredibly low price, it’s a fixed rate: Your costs are the same for any type of text.

So what do you get in return? First we put your text through DeepL, one of the best and most innovative machine translators available today. This gives us a baseline translation of your content in the German/English language pair.

Next, a professional editor thoroughly proofreads and reviews the results to match your style requirements and ensure the text sounds human. Our all-round service includes minor changes and corrections to the final draft on request.

We charge by your words, not ours

Our word count is always based on the text in your source documents. By counting the source text rather than the number of words we write in the target language, you’re able to calculate your costs from the get-go and avoid nasty surprises when the bill comes in.

Many of our competitors in the industry charge by words in the target text, partly because it appears more profitable (more so for some language pairs than others, interestingly). In our view, it makes no sense to give authors a financial incentive for verbose writing.

We like fixed costs and we know our clients do, too. Clear and simple pricing makes us a reliable partner for all your translation needs. This is especially true of our one-rate-for-all AI translator.

A fair way of counting billable words

We typically count the billable words in Kilgray memoQ, our preferred CAT application (that’s “computer-assisted translation,” a software tool for human translators). CAT provides a more detailed text analysis that can also recognize recurring segments. This benefits your bottom line because we exclude those repetitions from the final word count. Especially returning customers with comparable content will profit from the CAT system.

In cases where a precise word count isn’t possible for technical reasons — for example, when all we have is a scanned image — we’ll estimate the total word count using any available tools such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or simply our bare eyes and wit.

Digital delivery, printing and shipping

By default, we deliver the final product to you in digital form, typically a PDF or Office document sent by email (with encryption on request) or secure download from our website. You can also use your own content management system by giving us an upload link and credentials. Needless to say, there are no costs associated with digital delivery.

Alternatively, you may choose to receive the final translation in printed form. In that case, we will either print your documents directly using our own office-grade color laser printer, or we will subcontract an offset printer to do the job for you. In either case, you are responsible for printing and shipping costs as detailed in our proposal.

To find out exactly how much your translation will cost…

Request a formal offer from us

Following an initial consultation, or at least a sample of your text for us to look at, we can provide you with a formal offer. We’ll get to work as soon as you’ve accepted our proposal, which you can do online or in writing.

You’ll also get extensive feedback in the document comments upon delivery. We know that the editing process may sometimes seem murky, even mysterious — this is especially true for machine translations — and so we strive for full transparency by clearly explaining our editorial choices in the margins. Ongoing communication between our editors and your teams is a natural part of the process.

Contact us to get your individual price quote today!