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Hire Bilingual Talent on Demand

Translate English–German content and explore your industry in a foreign language. Strengthen your global business with our network of genuine native speakers.

In the crowded market for language services, GermanBureau stands out with a veteran team of bilingual educators, translators, and editors. With decades of combined experience in key industries, we deliver high-quality content in English and German.


Bilingual content for your brand: Get your message across globally with native translation and professional editing services.

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EFL and DaF on-site or online: Give your people the confidence to succeed in English and German as a foreign language.

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Talk shop with us: We speak your language — the language of your business. Let’s talk about work in English and German.

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Quality Matters

There is no shortage of translators and language instructors on the market. So why choose GermanBureau? Three big words come to mind: quality, consistency, and authenticity.

Mass-market agencies try to cover every language under the sun with an ever-changing roster of freelancers. Our business model is different: We emphasize quality over quantity through specialization and close ties with our partners and clients.

Explore this page to discover how our network can strengthen your global business. If you know what you want, you can learn more about our freelance rates and use a price calculator to estimate your costs.

Our business model emphasizes quality over quantity.

Our fees are competitive thanks to low overhead in an agile network.

Choose Your Translation Model

Different projects have different needs. That’s why we offer three basic approaches to translating your content. You can read a summary below or see how we Translate, Revise, and Localize on the details page.

SMART: Where Human Meets Machine

Our innovative SMART model relies on a professional human editor to review an automated translation of your text.

Smart translation is a cost-effective alternative to the standard model. For quick jobs and tight budgets, hire a professional editor to review a machine-translated version of your documents. This ensures accurate and consistent results in line with your style.

STANDARD: The Human Touch

Our STANDARD model includes all-human translation and a thorough review by a professional editor.

When quality matters most, hire a bilingual expert to translate your text using professional software. For maximum quality control, we always include a four-eyes revision by a native speaker. You can choose different levels of expertise to suit your project.

EXPERT: The Full Package

Our all-inclusive EXPERT model covers everything from specialized translation and bilingual editing to content localization and native copy-writing.

We can do more than translate your words: Let us craft your global message. With access to terminology databases made just for you, your organization can send a consistent message to the world in English and German.

When you need bilingual content to the highest standards, you can rely on our freelancers to deliver a text that needs no further editing.

Visit the details page to learn more about how we Translate, Revise, and Localize your content in English and German.

An Immersive Learning Experience for Employees and Students

Are you looking for a competent and trustworthy partner to enrich your organization with professional training in English or German? Our network of business trainers and university lecturers offers specialized programs to meet your learning goals.

Our work in the educational sector broadly focuses on two areas:

  • In the corporate arena, we serve businesses with in-house language training in English and German.
  • In the academic field, we’re active as English lecturers at public and private institutions of higher learning in Germany.

Learning English or German on the Job

Improve your team’s communication skills and gain valuable language certificates from the comfort of your own office. At home or at work, online or on-site: GermanBureau brings the learning experience directly to your employees where they need it most.

Language skills are a basic requirement for success in today’s world. As your business expands into the global economy, our network of professional native speakers is your competitive advantage. Now you can draw on decades of teaching experience in a variety of fields to improve your staff’s confidence in English or German.

Our teaching methods go well beyond the textbooks. By focusing on two languages, we’re able to deliver authentic content for an immersive learning experience.

To find how our professional native speakers can boost your global business, follow the link to Learn English & German or contact us for a custom proposal.

English Modules for Higher Education

In addition to our corporate language services, GermanBureau offers academic modules in specialized fields of English as a foreign language. Students get a hands-on learning experience at their university, vocational school, or other institution of higher learning.

Professors and faculty leaders are able to recruit experienced lecturers from our network to develop a complete business English curriculum. We deliver up-to-date content tailored to key industries such as automotive, banking, or public administration.

Based on your needs, we’ll put you in touch with one or more suitable candidates for a given course of study. Your institution is able to take experienced lecturers directly under freelance contract because GermanBureau is not a middleman: We’re your one-stop network of independent educators.

Contact us to discover how your students can benefit from a world-class education with English native speakers.

Authentic Content through Professional Immersion

Over the years, our linguistic expertise has grown to encompass a wide range of industries. These insights inform our daily work in all areas of business, from translation to teaching and beyond.

In the editorial field, some of our people specialize in technical documents while others excel at creative copy. Our industry-specific expertise grows with every new project and every new freelancer who joins the GermanBureau network.

As for our course offerings, we deliver general-purpose language coaching as well as specialized courses in select fields of commerce, industry, and science.

Our current body of expertise covers these industries:

Aerospace Engineering

Agile Management

Arts, Games & Entertainment

Automotive Industries

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Energy & Utilities

Human Resources

IT & Telecomms

Journalism & Broadcasting

Manufacturing & Automation

Marketing & Public Relations

Medical Technology

Public Administration

Publishing (Digital & Print)

As our network grows, so too does the range of sector-specific expertise at your disposal. We encourage you to learn more about us and meet some of the fine people in the GermanBureau network. Our individual resumes are available on request. You can also view our client showcase to learn more about our past and present projects.

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