GermanBureau offers a range of language services in English and German through our freelance network of professional native speakers. We specialize in bilingual translations, native-language writing services, and teaching English as a foreign language (EFL/ESL).

Your style, your deadline, your needs: GermanBureau offers a range of language services tailored to your demands. As a network of freelance professionals, we are able to put together flexible teams of language specialists to support your success in the German and English-speaking world.

Our client portfolio includes several important players in German business and academia, but we’re just as eager to work with independent start-ups and small businesses anywhere in the world. The freelancers in our network are committed to delivering top-notch editorial content at a fair price.

Translation services

Our English/German translators work closely with their clients to achieve accurate and consistent results through a combination of talent, experience, and modern technology.

At GermanBureau, we pride ourselves on our bilingual language skills in a variety of fields. Some of our people specialize in technical documents while others excel at marketing content and creative copy. Our industry-specific expertise is growing with every freelancer who joins the GermanBureau network.

A good translation shouldn’t sound like one

Unless you tell us otherwise, we don’t just translate word for word. Instead, we transcreate your content by considering all aspects of communication such as the intended target audience, cultural differences, or local laws and customs. Your audience needs to hear your message, but not always in the same exact words. The hallmark of a good translation is that it doesn’t sound like a translation at all!

Whether it’s copy for your website, text for a mobile app, a full-length industrial operating manual, or a one-page press release, GermanBureau can adapt the text from German to English and vice versa according to your needs.

Human translator: the standard model

Our standard translation model includes four editorial cycles:

  1. First draft: A bilingual professional translates your text into the target language.
  2. Second draft: An editor conducts a thorough review and ensures adherence to your style requirements.
  3. Third draft: A proofreader checks the results for accuracy.
  4. Our team submits the final draft and processes any changes or corrections you might want to the final product.

We also offer pure monolingual editing services in cases where you just want to improve an existing text or translation.

AI translator: Where human meets machine

We now offer an innovative new service with our AI Translator. First we translate your text in DeepL, a cutting-edge machine translator; then a professional human editor reviews the results for accuracy and style. In industry circles, this approach is also called Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE).

For quick jobs and projects on a tight budget, this approach delivers good results while saving you a ton of money. Head over to our AI Translator page to find out how translation workflows can benefit from deep learning, neural networks, and other cutting-edge technologies.

To learn more about automated translation in general, we recommend you check out DeepL Blog to get a first-hand look at a pioneer in this field. Lastly, this introductory course at SDL Trados shows how translators can use MTPE to achieve unprecedented turnaround times.

Localization services

Localization is the art of transporting language from one culture to another. It’s also a science with powerful tools for multilingual projects. We can set up a portable framework to localize your content for the world’s English and German speakers.

The centerpiece of any localization system is a computer-assisted translation service, or CAT for short. GermanBureau can use any of the commercially available CAT applications to:

  • Speed up translation workflows
  • Maintain consistent terminology
  • Save time and money with built-in tools

Furthermore, our editors use integrated quality controls to review all content before it’s published — and you can get involved in the revision process, too!

Our translators and editors are familiar with the “big three” CAT programs. In order of preference, we like to use Kilgray MemoQ, SDL Trados, Atril Déjà Vu, or OmegaT (an open-source alternative). If you’re working with a different system or want to stick with your existing translation environment, please contact us to develop a custom solution that matches your needs.

We speak your language

While CAT software ensures efficient and consistent results through technology, our bilingual translators add a crucial human element by considering all aspects of communication. This includes your intended audience and cultural differences but also search-engine readability, local laws, and several other factors that could affect how your message is received abroad. This is where GermanBureau stands out from other translation agencies, much to your advantage.

Projects benefiting the most from CAT typically include:

  • Technical documentation for global manufacturers and their suppliers
  • Corporate language management for multinational organizations
  • Games and other forms of digital entertainment
  • International publications and art projects
  • Blogs, podcasts, and other digital media

In each of these areas, GermanBureau offers streamlined solutions to localize your content for English and German-speaking markets around the world. Especially if you’re looking to expand into the US or UK, GermanBureau can provide the localization services you need to make it a success.

Expand your global reach

Do you need English dialog for your latest mobile game? Perhaps you’re a global manufacturer seeking to internationalize your company’s technical documentation, or you simply have a multilingual project that’s too complex to manage through traditional means (*cough* Excel *cough*).

Whatever the challenge may be: Make it our problem and we’ll find a solution. Based on our extensive experience in the fields of localization, translation, and text production, you can trust GermanBureau to put together a custom proposal that meets your specific requirements.

Creative copy and editorial services

If it’s original content you’re after, we’ve got you covered. As part of GermanBureau’s specialized writing services, our experienced copy-writers can deliver fresh ideas for your project in English and German.

Are you in need of SEO-ready copy for your marketing campaign? Want to tell the world about your latest news in a professional press release? Perhaps your website is desperate for a breath of fresh air? Whatever the need, you can count on GermanBureau to deliver creative content at a competitive rate.

Visit our creative copy page to learn more, or contact us directly to get a price quote right away!

English courses

There is no better way to master a language than by direct contact with genuine native speakers. Through our network of freelance trainers and university lecturers, we offer English courses designed to serve your needs at any level of proficiency.

GermanBureau works with a trusted network of freelance partners to provide on-site English courses, workshops, seminars, and university lectures by genuine native speakers. This includes a range of language services at any level of proficiency, from traditional TEFL courses to more individually tailored methods of training.

A tailored experience through industry expertise

For advanced learners, GermanBureau offers specialized English courses in specific fields of commerce, industry, and academia. Our current experience covers these areas in particular:

  • Automotive
  • Automation and manufacturing
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Arts, games and entertainment
  • Publishing (online and offline)
  • Journalism and broadcasting
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Aerospace

As the GermanBureau network grows, so does the range of sector-specific expertise at your disposal. If you’re interested in our list of clients past and present, we have a selection for you over in the Clients section — or you can go ahead and get in touch with us directly if you’d like to find an English trainer who meets your demands. Our individual resumes are always available on request.

English for business

Our English courses for working professionals are either online or on the client’s company premises. This brings the learning experience directly to your employees where they need it most: at the office. This also helps us keep your costs low, as there is no need to rent additional classroom space.

Companies with internationally active employees can greatly benefit from project-specific language workshops and targeted English courses. From small regional companies to multinational corporations, English skills are a basic requirement for your success in today’s global economy.

As German companies and institutions expand into the globalized economy, you can gain a competitive advantage by improving your staff’s skills with our customized English courses. Depending on your requirements, we can work toward project-specific goals or provide a larger framework to improve the general English level at your company.

Head over to our English for professionals page to discover how our training services can strengthen your global business!

English for students

We also offer a more academic approach designed for universities, vocational schools, and other institutions of higher learning. Professors and faculty leaders are able to recruit experienced English lecturers from the GermanBureau network to develop and deliver a complete English course curriculum in a range of fields, including:

  • Automotive engineering and management
  • Automation technology and industrial manufacturing
  • Business administration, banking, and taxes
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy and environmental technology
  • Public-sector administration

Head over to our English for students page to discover how your students can benefit from a world-class education with English native speakers!

Why choose GermanBureau?

Our teachers, trainers and lecturers are genuine native speakers with years of professional experience and a list of formal qualifications. We deliver tailored learning experiences for employees and students to improve their multilingual skills and act confidently in the international arena.

Contact us to find the solution that works best for you!