GermanBureau is your network of independent language professionals. All of us are English native speakers with bilingual skills in English and German. We come together as freelancers to offer you bilingual translations, native-language editorial services, and English courses for business and higher education.

Our English-speaking expats work for you

The freelancers in our network are truly bilingual native speakers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Many of us grew up speaking two languages, and to this day we continue to straddle those cultural and linguistic lines as permanent English-speaking expats in Germany.

We’re also experienced language professionals. As a network of freelancers, GermanBureau is your one-stop shop for translation services in English and German. Our combined experience in text production, translation, and localization spans a wide variety of industries, many of which are vital to the globalized economy.

The bilingual professionals at GermanBureau have “gone native” in Germany, providing you with an intimate knowledge of German culture and a wide variety of thematic expertise. If you need writing services in English and German from authentic native speakers, we’ve got you covered!

“Native speaker” is more than a catchphrase for us

Let’s face it: Especially in the low-cost segment, translation agencies and language schools apply the term “native speaker” loosely at times to describe anyone with C1-level English skills.

At GermanBureau, we accept nothing less than complete English fluency at the native (C2+) level. Why so strict? Because you need experienced writers with a talent for bilingual copy to get your message across effectively. You want your words to jump right off the page in any language, and we can make sure your readers won’t be left guessing what you meant to say or chuckling at unnatural wordings.

Embracing diversity in the English-speaking world

Our work in industry and commerce adheres to something called Standard English, with special emphasis on US (“American English”) and UK (“British English”) dialects.

At the same time, we strive to represent the full range of English-speaking cultures around the world. The incredible diversity of English speakers is apparent in Indian English but also Irish, South African, Australian, and other forms of English spoken in every corner of the globe.

High quality, low overhead

We’re committed to delivering high-quality creative text and translation at a reasonable price. While it’s true that proper talent isn’t cheap, at GermanBureau we’re able to keep our overhead expenses at a minimum and pass those savings on to you. There is no fancy office space, no in-house servers with a system administrator, no full-time salaries to pay. Instead, we come together as freelancers on the basis of individual projects using only the digital tools we need to succeed.

It’s easy these days to work together without ever setting foot in a shared office. At GermanBureau, we use cloud-based services to provide a functional IT framework for our small business network. These powerful yet affordable tools enable us to collaborate securely, be productive, and comply more easily with various business requirements.

What’s with the name?

Freelancer Alexander Bakst launched GermanBureau in 2010 from his office in Berlin, Germany. Alex had originally set up the company as a journalistic enterprise, delivering on-the-ground reporting from Germany for American readers and listeners. But over the years, our professional network of freelance native speakers has grown to include translators, English lecturers, and language professionals from a variety of other fields.

We fully acknowledged these developments in 2014 when got a makeover to reflect our new mission as a language service provider. Today we deliver professional translation services, polished bilingual content, and world-class teaching services for private companies and public institutions.

We want to hear from you

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