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Digital Business University of Applied Sciences (Berlin)

Study outside the box: The Digital Business University of Applied Sciences, or DBU for short, is Germany’s first fully integrated digital university. Based in the heart of Berlin, DBU offers business degrees for the digital age with courses designed from the bottom up as a combination of digital studies and classroom activities.

Alexander Bakst has partnered with DBU to create a hands-on module for business English through a combination of video lectures, online activities, and traditional study materials.

University of Cooperative Education (Saxony)

The University of Cooperative Education (staatliche Studienakademie Sachsen) is an accredited vocational academy in the German state of Saxony with locations in Dresden, Glauchau, Bautzen, and elsewhere.

Alexander Bakst and Daniel Simmons continually develop industry-specific English courses and give EFL lectures, seminars, and workshops for cooperative study programs (duales Studium) at the university level.

Our active courses cover the following areas of industry and academia:

XENON Automation (Dresden)

XENON Automation is a prominent German manufacturer of automation systems for the assembly and inspection of mechatronic products. As an independent systems integrator, XENON supplies high-tech turnkey solutions to the automotive, electronics, and medical industries.

Our language services for XENON Automation focus on these key fields:

  • Industrial automation and special-purpose machines
  • Manufacturing for automotive, electronics and medical devices
  • Documentation and instruction manuals
  • Technical service and order management
  • Quality assurance, testing and compliance
  • Design engineering and programming
  • IT system administration
  • Sales and management

Deutsche Telekom AG (Berlin/Chemnitz)

Deutsche Telekom is a global leader in telecommunications with products and subsidiaries extending far beyond Germany’s borders. The corporate group includes T-Systems GmbH, Germany’s foremost IT service provider.

Our courses for the telecom sector cover the following areas of expertise:

  • Telecommunication technologies including fiber optics, (A)DSL, ISDN, VoIP, and mobile data infrastructure
  • Requirements engineering for CRM software
  • Global tech support (b2b and b2c)