Our translators and writers are fully bilingual or have mastered several languages at the university level, and they’ve been using those languages professionally for many years. You simply won’t find that level of multilingual immersion elsewhere.

Our core team
The core team at GermanBureau

In fact, many of us grew up speaking two languages simultaneously, and to this day we continue to straddle those cultural and linguistic lines as permanent English-speaking expats in Germany. We’re truly bilingual native speakers — not as in, “I learned some German in college” or “I once spent a year in the States”, but as experienced language professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds.

As a network of freelancers, GermanBureau is your one-stop shop for language services in English and German. Our combined experience in text production, translation and business training spans a wide variety of industries, many of which are vital to the German economy in an increasingly globalized age.

“Native speaker” is more than a catchphrase for us

Let’s face it: Especially in the low-cost segment, translation agencies and language schools apply the term “native speaker” very loosely to describe anyone with C1-level English skills.

At GermanBureau, a C1 just doesn’t cut it. We accept nothing less than complete English fluency at the native (C2+) level. Why so strict? Because you need experienced writers with a talent for bilingual copy to get your message across effectively. That way, your intended meaning jumps right off the page in any language, and your readers won’t be left guessing what you meant to say.

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We strive to represent the incredible diversity of the English language.

Our work in industry and commerce adheres to the international convention known as Standard English, with special emphasis on US and UK dialects (“American English” and “British English”). At the same time, we strive to represent the full range of English-speaking cultures in all their linguistic diversity — notably Indian English dialects, but also Irish, South African, Australian, and other forms of English spoken around the world.

High quality, low overhead

We’re committed to delivering high-quality creative text and translations at a reasonable price. While it’s true that proper talent isn’t cheap, at GermanBureau we’re able to keep our overhead expenses at a minimum and pass those savings on to you, our clients.

There is no fancy office space, no in-house servers with a system administrator, no full-time salaries to pay. Instead, we come together as freelancers on the basis of individual projects using only the digital tools we need to succeed.

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Online collaboration and productivity are easier than ever before.

It’s easy these days to collaborate online without ever setting foot in a shared office. At GermanBureau, we use Microsoft Office 365 to provide a functional IT framework for our small business network. This includes essential cloud-based services such as Outlook mail and calendar with Exchange functionality; the latest Office suite including Word, Excel and PowerPoint; OneDrive cloud storage; and a host of related tools for secure collaboration and productivity.

In the field of localization, our translators and editors are familiar with the “big three” computer-assisted translation (CAT) applications. In order of preference, we can work with: Kilgray MemoQ, SDL Trados, Atril Déjà Vu, and OmegaT (an open-source alternative).

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