Localization is the art of transporting language from one culture to another. It’s also a science with powerful tools to boost efficiency in large translation projects. We can set up a lean framework specifically tailored to your requirements.

The centerpiece of any localization system is a computer-assisted translation service, or CAT for short. GermanBureau can use any of the commercially available CAT applications to speed up translation workflows and ensure consistent terminology across the entire project. In addition, our editors can use built-in quality controls to review all content prior to publication–and you can get involved in the revision process, too!

While CAT software boosts efficiency through technology, our bilingual translators add a crucial human element by considering all aspects of communication: the intended audience, cultural differences, institutional requirements, and a host of other issues that will invariably affect the meaning of your message. This is where GermanBureau stands out from other translation agencies, much to your advantage.

Projects benefiting the most from CAT typically include games and other forms of digital entertainment; technical documentation for global manufacturers and their suppliers; international publications; and corporate language management for multinational organizations. In each of these areas, GermanBureau offers streamlined solutions to localize your content for English and German markets.

Do you need English dialogues for your latest mobile game? Perhaps you want to internationalize your company’s technical documentation, or you simply have a multilingual project that’s too large to manage through traditional means. Whatever the challenge may be: make it our problem, and we’ll find a solution! Based on our extensive experience in the field of localization, you can trust GermanBureau to put together a custom proposal that meets your specific requirements.

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