We specialize in native translations, bilingual writing services, lean localization for large projects, and teaching English as a foreign language (EFL/ESL).

Your style, your deadline, your needs: GermanBureau offers a wide range of editorial services tailored to your demands. Our portfolio includes several high-profile corporate clients, but we’re just as eager to work with independent start-ups, especially in the gaming and publishing industries. The freelancers in our network are dedicated to delivering top-notch content at a fair price!

Native translations

Native translations
Our fully bilingual translators work with native English editors to deliver professional translations at a fair price.
At GermanBureau, we pride ourselves on our bilingual language skills in English and German. We don’t just translate word for word, we transcreate your content. That means we consider all aspects of communication such as the intended target audience, cultural differences, institutional requirements, and a host of other issues that will invariably affect the meaning of your message.


Whether it’s copy for a website, the dialog for your next game, a one-page press release, or a full-length scientific article, GermanBureau can adapt the text from German to English and vice versa according to your requirements.

Bilingual content creation

Bilingual content
We deliver creative text in English and German to breathe new life into your multilingual marketing campaigns.

If it’s original content you’re after, GermanBureau has you covered. Our experienced writers can deliver fresh ideas for your project in English and German alike.

Are you in need of a specific text for your marketing campaign? Do you want a professional press release to tell the world about your latest developments? Perhaps you have a website that is desperate for a breath of fresh air? Whatever the need, you can rely on GermanBureau to deliver your content within a reasonable deadline and at a competitive rate.

Business English training

Business English training
Business English training by experienced native speakers to boost your global business.

In cooperation with our trusted network of freelance partners, GermanBureau offers in-house English training and ESL/EFL courses by genuine native speakers. This includes a range of services at any level of proficiency, from traditional TEFL courses to more individually tailored methods of training. Companies or institutions whose staff are active internationally can greatly benefit from project-specific courses to improve their proficiency in English and German.

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